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Road weight control system for high-speed weighing

WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) is designed specifically to control congestion on highways. The development of such a system was prompted by the need for control without stopping the car. Given the heavy congestion of roads and the acute problem of traffic jams, the introduction of high-speed weighing is a significant contribution to solving traffic problems.

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How does it work?
Main benefits
The system determines and fixes the following parameters:
  • - axle and axial group loads;
  • - total weight of the car;
  • - car speed;
  • - passage time;
  • - vehicle image;
  • - registration license plates (number recognition function).
  • - The system can operate in automatic mode, can be integrated into a system consisting of sensors, CCTV cameras and a computer.
  • - Mortise design, measuring modules are built directly into the road surface;
  • - The simplicity and reliability of the sensors, combined with the low cost, makes the scales available for installation on regional roads.

Weighing takes place in motion, which allows you to detect violators without stopping the flow of vehicles.

Two-stage weighing station with high-speed and low-speed weighing
The most effective solution for detecting congested vehicles is a two-stage weighing station with high-speed pre-selection of vehicles and their weighing on low-speed WIM. The high accuracy of the second stage reduces the number of appeals in administrative proceedings and significantly increases the efficiency of the weighing station. Up to 60 % congested vehicles are not detected by high-speed WIM systems. Therefore, we recommend the second stage of weighing, which covers 100 % violations that violate the load. Both stages can operate continuously in fully automatic mode. The bandwidth of low-speed WIM is up to 300 vehicles per hour.
Automated system for monitoring the passage of trucks in excess of temperature
  • - Interactive board.
  • - Vehicle recognition.
  • - Output of information about the prohibition of movement due to exceeding the temperature.
  • - Notification of the need to comply with the declared speed sign.
  • - Announcements of road accidents.
  • - Warning of changing road or weather conditions.
  • - Vehicle recognition by type.
  • - License plate recognition.
Dynamic Low Speed Weighing System (LS-WIM) for both electronic toll collection and customs crossing

The low-speed weighing system in combination with automatic toll stations serves both for collecting toll and for detecting overloaded vehicles.

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