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Weighing System IncoreWIM is designed for fast and accurate vehicle weighing (WIM). IncoreWIM is an advanced weighing equipment designed for law enforcement weighing, as well as for weighing in logistics terminals, expeditions, quarries and construction companies. The IncoreWIM system is characterized by low operating costs and high operational accuracy.

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The IncoreWIM weighing system estimates the load on the individual axles, axle groups and gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the vehicle as the vehicle passes through the weighing platform.

Vehicles are weighed when crossing the bridge, the weighing is automatically evaluated and processed by a computer. Their operation takes place without supervision.

Weighing in motion brings significant efficiency and time savings. According to the company, up to 300 trucks per hour can be weighed on platforms with fast traffic.

The IncoreWIM product is certified for both commercial and law enforcement weighing, in accordance with the international recommendation OIML R134 for accuracy class 5E.

IncoreWIM – WIM system for efficient weighing

High bandwidth.

Automatic analysis of vehicle loading in accordance with national restrictions and for all subsequent stages of the law enforcement process is ready to meet the needs of the customer.

IncoreWIM is ready to work in severe weather conditions. Heaters or air conditioners ensure reliable operation of the scales even at extreme temperatures. The weighbridge is protected against corrosion.

IncoreWIM – WIM system for efficient weighing

We individually analyze the needs of the client and adjust the parameters for the successful operation of the system.

Weighing in the first stage provides fast pre-selection of overloaded vehicles from the traffic flow. The weighing system in the second or third stages works with much greater accuracy, which is suitable for direct charging for overload.

Both stages can operate continuously in fully automatic mode. The capacity of the final stage of the weighing station is up to 300 vehicles per hour.

IncoreWIM – WIM system for efficient weighing

The system supports a number of integrations. Contact your Incoresoft manager for details.

The preparation of the weighing station is usually provided by the client or a designated organization on the basis of a standard project provided. Contact your Incoresoft manager for details.

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